Thursday, December 28, 2006

CTLLRS: Update

Wow. I didn't realize this picture would be so small. I just spent at least 10 minutes utilizing my mad Photoshop skillz and am "fresh out" of ideas on how to make it bigger, so just pretend like you have a really good view of these Cars That Look Like Rollerskates (CTLLRS). Update: Just click on the picture if you want to see it enlarged.

After last week's insurance industry safety findings, I broke up with the Toyota Yaris. Last night while tricking researching online, I got really interested in the all new Volkswagen Rabbit. I have always liked these, especially when Cricket on "The Young And The Restless" had the convertible Cabriolet version ... and don't act like you don't remember because you know you do ... it was when she and Danny had to drive around because Nina had kidnapped her and Phillip's baby, and it was the very beginning of cell phones and Danny was all, "Cricket, press 'SEND' on the phone button ..." you know you remember.

Anyhoodle, these might be the top-3 contenders. The VW appeals only on aesthetics and brand trust, despite the fact that I have no VW experience, and one part of Schwynn had a Passat that he wasn't totally thrilled with. The Honda Fit wins on safety, economy, and price, as well as brand trust. The Scion appeals too, mostly as it's a bridge between the Yaris and the Mini Cooper that ultimately I love but quite frankly, I am too cheap to step up to (they're kind of expensive).

I must begin test driving to determine what I like. Surprisingly, there are dealers right here in Tuscaloosa, so I think I know what I'll be doing the weekend after next!

Which one do you like?


Britt said...

TRUST NOT THY VW dealer. They will lie!!! My brother had a new Bug and he had to have the Turbo charger replaced. Another friend with a Bug convertible had to have the motor for the top replaced at 12K miles. Sure two bug incidents, the Jetta that a friend owned was in the shop more than not. The only VW that Consumer Reports is standing behind is the Passast not a CTLRARS. I would go with the Fit, its a Honda. HOW DO YOU GO WRONG!?!?!?

Britt said...

And you KNOW that I heart the Scion well because I own one but the tC not the xA but I have a friend with an xA and he LOVES it.