Monday, December 18, 2006

Cars That Look Like Roller Skates: II

I made progress in my quest for a car that looks like a roller skate by actually visiting two car lots yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here in TTown - bright blue skies, mid-70's, totally NOT Christmas weather but, still, a lovely day to car shop. Especially because the lots were closed and I wasn't harassed by car salesmen.

"Mista Johnson, what will it take to put you in this car today?"

This is the Toyota Yaris, which is the littlest of the CTLLRS. It's really little. Fortunately someone had forgotten to lock the liftback of one Yaris and I was able to climb through, unlock, and sit in the driver's seat. Despite being really little, it actually has lots of headroom, etc. I really sorta like it.

I also looked at the Honda Fit, which has been a favorite from online research (it has a lot more safety features and, as such, is about $4K more), and will return to look again when I am closer to making a decision.

I own a Honda Metropolitan II scooter that I drove for the last year of my life in Little Rock. I LOVE it, but alas, it lives at my father's down in Mobile as the traffic here in Tuscaloosa is insane and I am not brave enough to drive it over the river. Otherwise, I'd be totally getting my Earth Friendly on.

What I did learn from driving it was how practical I am when it comes to vehicles. I like efficient, and cheap! This is very unlike me because practical is not a word most conjure up when they think of me. Compulsive, out-of-control, hot mess? Sure, I hear those all the time. But never practical.

Window shopping is fun. Hopefully I'll get to go "for real" shopping in the next few weeks.

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