Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

Behold! My inner-Scrooge is taking a sabbatical. I have experienced the first rumblings of Holiday Glee. Why? I do not know. I have yet to buy a gift, but I do have them all identified and this makes me happy.

My mother and her three sisters sing in our little community of Tanner-Williams as a quartet. They aren't all hitting the VFW circuit or anything. It's more like, "And now a very special guest appearance by the Lee sisters ..."

Anyhoodle, my favorite Christmas song beyond "Ring Christmas Bells" which I love to croak out Edina Monsoon style when I am doing a gallop, is "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem."

The Lee Sisters performed it last weekend at the West Jordan Baptist Church, which means they are in practice and tuned for a special encore performance at our family Christmas gathering scheduled 12/23. I have requested it and cannot wait to hear them sing it. They really are pretty good.

I love to watch and hear them sing because I know the history they represent - nearly 70 years of it - as I was very close to my grandparents and they told me all of the stories. When they are on stage I don't see them, per se, but a tapestry woven from a multitude of thread that represents them individually, as well as sisters, as well as our family. It truly is a gift, but better than any present I could receive under a tree.

In case you don't know the lyrics, here goes:

Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
Shining afar through shadows dim
Giving the light for those who long have gone
Guiding the wise men on their way
Unto the place where Jesus lay
Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem shine on.

Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
Shine upon us until the glory dawns.
Give us a light to guide the way
Unto the land of perfect day
Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, shine on

Oh Beautiful Star the hope of light
Guiding the pilgrims through the night
Over the mountains till the break of dawn
Into the light of perfect day
It will give out a lovely ray
Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem shine on

Oh Beautiful Star the hope of rest
For the redeemed the good and blessed
Yonder in glory when the crown is won
Jesus is now the star divine
Brighter and brighter he will shine
Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem shine on

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