Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Zip Line

First off, shout-out a big ole Happy Birthday to my Brother In Law! 39 boyyyyyyyy!

Zip line tour was The S to the H to the IT! This is Harmonica coming across the first lower lines. I quit taking pictures when we'd worked up to the first line that went across the river about 600' above the ground.

Yes, 600 feet on a cable and pulley and harness. Do you trust a caribiner clip? You sorta have to. Which is why I screamed a primal scream the first big crossing and couldn't quit. It was hysterical but an amazing release of control. And we kept crossing the river from top to bottom and all finished feeling like we'd really accomplished something.

When I was 12 years old my friends and I fashioned a rope from our pecan tree to the playhouse my father had built us behind his shed. This was a rocking playhouse - it had 2 layers and a cabin/deck 6 feet off the ground. We put a pulley on the rope and climbed the tree and zip lined down a few times.

I unfortunately made the last run. When my feet hit the edge of the deck the rope broke due to friction by the pulley (of course, we'd done this unsupervised) and I fell flat on my back onto my little brother's Tonka truck which had been parked by the sandbox. It bruised my tailbone very badly and I had to take to the bed for a few days.

I think this primal scream was directly related to 23 years of fear repression.

Up next? Chickens. Why they scare me. Why I avoid them.

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