Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So you're floating in a pool, right? Your elbows are anchored on the floating concrete island, you're rocking your John Deere baseball cap that you bought at the feed store circa 2005, oblivious to the fact that the gold bathing suit you think is so cute but did not field test is nearly 100% see through, and it's wet, and your ass is sticking out of the water ...

And you're talking to a guy that you think is pretty bitchin' and he mentions something about dogs, then he says something about a peer who doesn't like dogs, then he says, "How could you not like dogs? They're soft and warm and they only have love to give."

Do you fall in love with that a little bit? Maybe. I sorta did.

My little Maddie, seen here as the subject for my photography class, is my little soft, warm, love-giver. She sleeps with me every night and wakes up in the morning right beside me, on her side, curled up in my arm.

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