Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scorpion Breath

I love attention. There, I said it.

If someone is going to die of a lethal scorpion sting on vacation in Mexico and thereby garnish all sorts of media attention - "Dateline NBC" vignettes and public awareness campaigns on scorpion safety - then, by God, it might as well be me.

High on adrenaline from my zipline tour, I accepted the challenge of putting a scorpion in my mouth in exchange for a shot of tequila. Yes, this scorpion is alive. No, it didn't pinch or sting me. Yes, I did the shot of tequila.

Oddly, though, I think it transferred some sort of super powers to me. Because I have slept in a coccoon for a few days and this morning I uncontrollably fell to my hands and knees and went flying down the hallway sideways with my bottom all bent up in the air. With great power comes great responsibility. I must use my Scorpion Powers for good.

Up next? 9-foot long pythons. Why I wrap them around my neck like an accessory.

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jnday said...

Very favorite picture ever.