Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Riding In The Rainforest

I really enjoyed the riding trip to the rainforest yesterday. It was a fun day that was very authentic and I have a healthy respect for those pack horses after going on this ride.

(An aside, my butt is killing me! Riding Western, while comfortable at first, always makes my untrained butt bones hurt since they're accustomed to sitting in an English jumping saddle most of the time.)

The scenery on the ride was exquisite. On the way up the mountain we followed the river, crossing it more times than I can possibly recount, until we reached a clearing where the horses were tethered, and we then hiked up via a series of suspension bridges to a really beautiful waterfall.

From there we went up the mountain on this switchback trail. I was amazed that the horses were capable of going over such horrid trail conditions (rocks everywhere, deep mud, etc.). The Precious would've been lame about 100 meters from the barn.

In this photo you can see the bromeliad growing in the tree. They do this everywhere in the rainforest - somewhat like an orchid - as they grow in moist conditions, not really requiring soil. They were exquisite in places and while I really did want to take more photos, I reached a point where I just wanted to enjoy the ride.

My little horse was sweet enough until we started the trek home. As a general rule I abhor trail rides with non-horsey folks because there is inevitably some asshole who claims he grew up on a farm in Texas and despite the fact that he looks like a sack of feed flopping around in the saddle, he starts trotting or cantering, then lights up the entire herd of horses, then no one has fun because their horses are being nappy and as rank beginners, they have no idea how to ride. It actually creates a very unsafe scenario for most involved - this is how people get hurt.

Nevertheless, we had Mr. Dallas Farm Boy on our ride. He came trotting up behind my horse who was all, "I kick you bitch," and it was then I discovered mine was nappy and mean to other horses and at one point thought about a mini-rear.

This required me to deliver a mini-smackdown, then I made him do dressage the rest of the way back. I'm so evil.

Today we zip line across the canopy of the jungle.

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