Sunday, November 05, 2006

Le Mexico

Hello all! I'm here in Puerto Vallarta with my friends, and we're having a great time. The traveling went really well, though they didn't have the immigration forms in Houston, so they gave them to us when we arrived in PV, and that was a bit of a roadblock in the airport but, you know, it's all good. It's very warm here - low 90's - and that was an adjustment as it was 46 when I went into the airport in Birmingham.

This was sunset last night over the Pacific Ocean.

Also, welcome to my new blog! I had to make some changes on Friday, and in doing so lost the archives, but that is OK. While I was really proud of the archives and how they'd chronicled nearly a year of my life, the loss of them did nothing to pre-empt my need or ability to write.

Viva El Mexico!

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