Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Stress

Look at this view from Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock, Arkansas. Breathe it in. Remember it.

My dear cousin organized a hike Friday morning and we took the dogs and spent two glorious hours in the woods. It was inspirational and made me happy to be alive.

I had to remind myself of this upon my return home last night. I purposely drove home via I-40 through Memphis as that route, on a good traffic day, is one hour faster. My "kudzu tour" route - Highway 82 through Mississippi - is good enough but I knew I'd not be leaving LR until around noon and I'd hoped to be home early evening.

About an hour outside of Little Rock near Brinkley, Arkansas, both lanes of traffic came to a standstill. For what wound up being two hours. Two freaking hours. I have no idea why as eventually traffic just started moving. I can only assume there was a wreck of some sort (and I'm always thankful to wait in those situations, and pray for those that may've been affected) but, whatever it was, it severely delayed me getting home and I had to do a big chunk of the drive in the dark.

My visit to Arkansas was great. I saw all of my people with the exception of one friend, and we are working on a remedy for that. He is a good friend who means much to me and we have batted about plans for two upcoming dates (New Year's Eve being one of them), so we'll see how it sorts out.

I have also eaten more in a weekend than I have in a month so you know what that means ... we starve this week and BOOYAH! on the elliptical machine!

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