Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Body Challenge

It amazes me how easy it is to get out of an exercise routine.

Concurrent with my illness was my inability to lift weights or do any sort of exercise. I started back on the elliptical a few weeks ago and then, wham!, there was Thanksgiving.

It's Wednesday and today is the first day I'm going to strength train. I'm actually excited about it.

I am also going to renew for next semester my membership at the aquatic center, to continue building on my lap-swimming. I still have a few weeks left on this membership and am going to use them to reinvigorate myself in the water.

I really do enjoy the stress release of exercise, and hope my efforts will continue to pay off, not so much for aesthetic reasons, but to perpetuate good health.

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Jilltx said...

Yo Blog boy!

We miss you over at "da COTH". They have a thread going on "Hot Male Riders" and I was going to nominate our very own poster boy (belly v 2.0 and all).

I remembered that you had a blog site, so I googled you. Did you know there's a professional truck driver in Texas name of Robby Johnson? A police Sergeant too.

Hope all is well. Enjoyed your blog (especially the mutha fuckin snake). Can I blog that out loud??