Friday, November 17, 2006

Better And Better

Things are looking up.

Whitney seems to be getting to a great place in her life, despite the fact she about to lose her NJ crib.

Britney woke up from her semi-lucid state and ditched K-Fed.

I think both of the 'Neys are going to be rockin' chinchilla coats and VVS stones in the very near future and when the albums drop ... so hott!

I, too, seem to be on the upswing. Lots of quality work is coming my way at Command Central, and I'm pursuing some passions and goals and feeling good about them. We'll see if anything develops.

And, for all of you who have been supportive through my recent illness, my bloodwork last week is very near normal, and I go to the doctor Monday morning for a check-up and progress gauge.

I am feeling significantly better, signified by the fact that I am inspired to exercise. Speaking of, off to my elliptical machine!

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