Tuesday, November 21, 2006

B to the B or B to the C ...

In my life as a marketing manager, I deal with two distinct business environments: business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

They're very different environments, of course, and I cannot say which one I prefer. They each present a unique challenge, though ultimately both boil down to your organization, what it has to offer in terms of service/products, and whether or how you market those services/products.

Just like people, or "publics" as we say in the PR world, it's critical that you construct messages and strategies that are easily comprehended and processed. I like to look at a large environment - B2B for example - as a stratosphere, then segregate the channels so that each is an individual strata, and develop the messages relative to the audience.

Thank you for listening to my inner-marketing geek. Occassionally he insists on speaking and if I don't oblige him, he gets back at me by leaving banana peels on the sidewalk. "Hahaha," he laughs as I go busting ass, Permabelly v2.0 all willy-nilly and jiggling.

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